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D3Pixel Animation services

From concept through to delivery we can deliver all your animation video needs. Every aspect of animation is covered including story boarding, asset management, CAD conversion, modelling, realistic materials, HDR Lighting, rendering, special effects, subtitles and 2D overlays resulting in a stunning video delievered to you in MP4 format.

Communication is everything

We keep everything related to you in one place through our private Client Dashboard area.

The Dashboard contains your quotes, storyboards, pictures and CAD resources, all draft videos and images along with all questions and answers.

This is superior to email as everything is collated, up to date and archived.

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Our service What we do

At D3Pixel we offer the full 3D animation service which includes:

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We take your brief and create an easy to read visual storyboard which describes each key shot of how your animation will appear from start to finish. This is a crucial step in animation production because it describes all the different pieces of a shot, including any voice-overs or subtitles.

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CAD Conversion

Many clients already have CAD data in some form like AutoCAD, PTC Creo or Solidworks. We need to convert this paramteric cad data to a format suitable for animation. We have been converting cad data for years so just send us what you have and leave the rest to us.

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3D Modeling

You may want props or additional content in your animation. We can create any 3D model that you require or if it will save you cost we can suggest 3D Assets from places like www.turbosquid.com

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Animation & Special Effects

Animations are often comprised of camera motion to tell a story, show production operation and placement as well as special effects like fluids and other non-cad related details

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Titles and Overlays

Many videos benefit from extra information placed over the animation like subtitles and animated popup info boxes.

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Music and Audio effects

Some animations are suited to including background music. Using audio stock [see samples] we can cut and edit to fit your animation perfectly. If you also need profesional voice overs for an animation then we work with a local recording studio that produces studio grade voice overs from a narrative script that we could create in the Storyboard phase..

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Compression and delivery

To complete the service, when your animation is finalised, we can export it to multiple different formats and resolutions for easier use at your end e.g. maybe one small video for your WebPage and another full quality video for Youtube.